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Essential Highways & Utilities work

Updated 30/11/23

Temporary closure of Green Lane on 4th/5th of December

To repair and restore the road surface on Green Lane we will be carrying out carriageway works on the 4th and 5th of December. This will involve a temporary road closure on the stretch of Green Lane from the Hale into the village. We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we restore and improve the road surface.

Updated 7/09/23

The footpath works to Green Lane will commence on Monday 11th September. This will see a two metre wide pavement installed on the verge on the north side of Green Lane between the Hale and entrance to Bicester Hotel Golf and Spa. After the Hale this will continue on the south side to connect up with the pavement to the west of Vespasian Way at the entrance to Alchester Park. Signage has been posted along the route and the works will last for 10 weeks. Two way lights will be in place for the safety of our construction team.

Updated 11/08/23

We are pleased to announce that we are making progress and wanted to provide an update on the footpath / cycleway and utility works that are currently taking place in the vicinity of Chesterton village and the Great Wolf Lodge development.

The new footpath and cycleway (part) that will connect the Public Right of Way north of the M40 bridge to Chesterton village is progressing well. This footpath will be a helpful link for our guests and the local community, and we are pleased to report that the majority of the work is now complete. The only remaining section of shared footpath / cycleway between The Hale and Stableford Lane is scheduled to be completed by late September.

The works going towards Vendee Drive from the Chesterton Hotel are now complete. As such, next week we will begin work on the footpath immediately in front of the Public Right of Way that runs behind the Chesterton Hotel. This work is planned to only take 5 days to complete.

When these works have been completed new pathways will be installed on Green Lane between the golf club entrance and The Hale, and also extending into the village. This work will take place from late September for a period of approximately ten weeks. 

From now and throughout this period, we will employ two-way traffic lights in the area to facilitate safe working. Residents and businesses should be able to continue with two way access through the village however, we apologise for any inconvenience these works may cause.

We have completed all of the works that we are able to at present around the Gagle Brook bridge, though we still need to complete the utility connections over the bridge and a section of about 50m to the southern side. We are currently working with OCC to seek permissions required to conclude this work and will provide an update in the near future.

Once again, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to complete these important infrastructure projects. We will continue to keep you updated on our progress.

Updated 24/07/23

Thank you for your continued patience regarding the on-going roadworks. We are making good progress and the full road closures have been removed as planned at the end of the day on Friday 21st July. 

We will be commencing work under three-way lights on the Alchester Road junction on the 24th July and this is scheduled to last for ten days.
We will also have two-way lights on Kirtlington Road to continue work on the foot/cycleway kerbs and surfacing, which is likely to run until early September.
We thank you in advance for your patience during these works. 

Updated 06/07/23

Thank you for your continued patience regarding the on-going roadworks. We are making good progress and the full road closures will be removed as planned at the end of the day on Friday 21st July. 

Ahead of this date we need to make some changes to the current arrangements within the road closure area for the safety of the driving public and the workers onsite. In consultation with Oxfordshire County Council, it is recommended that we relocate our hard closure currently on Kirtlington Road as the A4095 leaving the village towards Bicester narrows. 

From Thursday 6th to the end of the day on Friday 21st July, the relocated hard road closure will be positioned north of the entrance to Chesterton Hotel. No traffic will be able to cross this closure and any village traffic seeking to travel north to Bicester on the A4095 will need to follow clearly signposted diversions via Alchester Road, The Hale or Kirtlington Road. 

Kirtlington Road (west of The Hale) towards the B430 will reopen on Thursday 6th, with single alternate line traffic signals over a maximum distance of 200m. Soft closure points, to prevent larger vehicle movements passing through the village, will remain in place at the A4095 junction with the B430 and access to the village at The Hale. Cars and other smaller vehicles will be able to pass these points. 

The three homes on the A4095 between Vendee Drive and Chesterton Hotel will be able to access their homes from the north via the junction with Vendee Drive, but unable to drive south into the village. To prevent vehicles having to turn around, an “Access Only” sign will be posted at the junction of Vendee Drive and the A4095 where the soft road closure is at present. 

We appreciate the impact this will have on commuters and on school drop-off and have been in contact with both Bruern Abbey School and Chesterton Primary School to pass on this information to parents and staff, advising them to follow the diversions and to allow for extra time for their journeys. 

Due to delays relating to unforeseen circumstances (primarily an existing broken surface water sewer maintained by Oxfordshire County Council), we will be unable to finish all the necessary works by Friday 21st July. So while all road closures will end on this date, it will be necessary to finish a short section of utility trench at the junction with Alchester Road. Subject to Oxfordshire County Council approvals, we plan to complete this work under a three way light system between 24th July and 2nd August. 

We thank you in advance for your patience during these works. 

Updated 25/05/23

As stated previously, highway and utility connection works for the future Great Wolf Lodge site began on Monday 24th April.

We have listened to and understand frustration in relation to necessary delays in accessing the soft closure points on the A4095 at Vendee Drive and Alchester Road. 

These delays are to allow for the safe passage of construction vehicles and materials deliveries. Moving forward we will be publishing a schedule of when such delays can be expected to assist in planning journeys.

Please note all timings are approximate, and we advise you to allow extra time for your journey if travelling through the soft closure.

Anticipated delays for access via soft closure points on A4095 at Vendee Drive and Alchester Road – Friday 26th May to Friday 23rd June

Friday 26th May

  • 09:30 – 10:30. Traffic delays through our works may be up to 10 mins.
  • 12:00 – 13:00. Traffic delays through our works may be up to 10 mins.

Tuesday 30th May

  • 10:00 – 11:00. Traffic delays through our works may be up to 20 mins.
  • 12:00 – 13:00. Traffic delays through our works may be up to 20 mins.

Wednesday 31st May

  • No delays expected.

Thursday 1st June

  • No delays expected.

Friday 2nd June

  • No delays expected.

Saturday 3rd June

  • No delays expected.

Sunday 4th June

  • No delays expected.

W/C Monday 5th June

  • No delays expected.

W/C Monday 12th June

  • No delays expected.

W/C Monday 19th June

  • No delays expected.

W/C Monday 26th June

  • No delays expected.


We encourage residents to continue to check the official Great Wolf Lodge website for any update regarding changes to road closures or scheduled roadworks. We will update this as frequently as possible, notifying people within the affected area of any substantial developments. 

We are working hard with the OCC and the Parish Council to make sure that these essential works are as trouble-free and safe as they can be. 

Once again, we thank the local community in advance for your patience during these works.


Updated 09/05/23


Highway and utility connection works for the future Great Wolf Lodge site began on Monday 24th April.

These works are scheduled to last until 21 July 2023. Above is a map of the road closure. We are keen to draw your attention to the ”hard road closure” of the Kirtlington Road (A4095) just before the junction with The Hale. Throughout the period of the road closure there will be no access across this point. This means that residents living on the Kirtlington Road (A4095) at the back of the golf course, and where the Great Wolf Lodge entrance shall be, will not have direct vehicular access to the village and will need to follow the marked diversions.

Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) withdrew its requirement for a hard closure on Green Lane on Monday 9 May and this was immediately implemented. There are no plans to reinstate the closure, and residents and visitors to the village can continue to use this route.

The other road closure points are all “soft road closures”, through which access is permitted at all hours of the day for both residents and their visitors, as well as visitors to any businesses or the local school. The soft road closures will be manned during the day while our construction works are underway to assist residents with larger vehicles or those who may be delivering to residents and local businesses. Outside of the construction hours the soft road closures will be freely navigable to cars and smaller goods vehicles that are able to traverse through the “chicane” that will be in place.

Access via the soft road closure points is intended for all residents and visitors to the village, including patrons of the Chesterton Hotel and parents dropping off and picking up from Chesterton Primary School.

We thank the local community in advance for your patience during these works.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will the A4095 be closed?
    The road closure will commence on Monday 24th April and end on Friday 21st July 2023 (inclusive).
  • What is the proposed diversion, and how much time will it add to the average journey?
    Through-traffic travelling south on the A4095 through Chesterton will be diverted via Vendee Drive, with local access to the village via Wendlebury Road and then Alchester Road. Similarly northbound traffic will be diverted via Middleton Stoney. We anticipate that on average the diversion will add around five minutes, even at peak hours, and approximately a mile to the average journey. Please note that residents and those visiting the village will be able to drive freely through the “soft road closure” points on Vendee Drive, The Hale and A4095 at the junction with the B430. This includes parents dropping off children at both Chesterton Primary School and Bruern Abbey.
  • What is the difference between a “hard road closure” and a “soft road closure”?
    We have one hard road closure point on the Kirtlington Road (A4095), the road behind the golf course to the junction of The Hale. A hard road closure means that the road will be closed, and traffic will not be able to pass this point. Access to properties and businesses on either side of this closure will still be possible from the B430 or Chesterton village, depending on which side of the road closure you enter from.

    A soft road closure is intended to allow access for residents and their visitors as well as employees and visitors to local businesses and schools. The closures will have “Road Closed, Access Only” signs and cones closing off one half of the road to ensure drivers pause before entering the area of the road closure. This means easy access for residents, visitors and delivery drivers, but discouraging through-traffic. During working hours we will have team members staffing these points to keep traffic moving, and outside of these hours the points will remain open.
  • What about residents who park on the A4095?
    We will be carrying out the works along the A4095 in phases, and so those parking and charging their cars on the A4095 will be able to do so for the majority of the closure period. We will be carrying out house visits to those most directly affected to explain any specific works that will be occurring outside their homes and to find ways to allow residents to continue to access their homes and driveways as normal.
  • What about cyclists/pedestrians using the A4095?
    As with all road traffic, access is provided for residents and visitors to Chesterton. Aside from the hard road closure on the Hale, access will be permitted for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • How late will the works be running in the evening/will there be work at weekends?
    The proposed working hours are 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on Saturday (when required). There is no work planned on Sundays or Bank Holidays. In the unlikely event work is required outside of these times, notices will be served as soon as possible.
  • What happens if the works overrun?
    The road closure is subject to a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO); a legal order administered and controlled by Oxfordshire County Council (OCC). Every effort will be made to ensure the works are completed as quickly as possible within the agreed road closure period.  If for any unforeseen circumstances works overrun, any extension will be subject to a further approval by OCC. 
  • What happens if the works are not completed?
    Every effort will be made to ensure the works are completed quickly within the agreed road closure period.  If for any unforeseen circumstances works overrun, any extension will be subject to a further approval by OCC and we will liaise with them to find solutions.
  • What happens if the works are completed earlier than expected?
    If the works are completed earlier than expected then, subject to the approval of OCC, the closure will be lifted at the earliest opportunity.
  • Why is a road closure necessary?
    The closure is necessary for several reasons. Part of the works satisfy a legal obligation to Cherwell District Council to deliver highway improvements associated with the planning consent granted in 2021 for the proposed Great Wolf Lodge site. There are also utility connections required, much of which extends back to Bicester. The primary reason for the closure is to minimise disruption to as short a period as possible and support a safe environment for the public and workforce.
  • What about the Coronation Bank Holiday – will the works be suspended?
    We understand residents and businesses may be planning to celebrate over the Coronation Bank Holiday. As such, works will be suspended for the entire Coronation Bank Holiday weekend and residential streets will be cleared of all but essential safety barriers. 
  • How disruptive will the works be?
    We appreciate that construction works can be disruptive, and we will do everything possible to minimise disruption and noise, by planning works in advance and providing regular updates to the community. 
  • Who do I speak to if I have concerns?
    Our dedicated community management team will be available throughout the development period to discuss any questions or concerns. They can be reached via or by telephone at reasonable hours on 
    020 4542 7877.
  • What will this mean for parents dropping off their children at Chesterton CE Primary School and Bruern Abbey School.
    As with all access to the village, parents dropping off or picking up children will be free to navigate the soft road closure points. We appreciate that traffic can often be very busy along the A4095 and Alchester Road, and so would recommend that if possible parents follow the short diversion along Vendee Drive.
  • What will this mean for patrons of the Chesterton Hotel and restaurant
    Access will be provided for residents and patrons of the Chesterton Hotel via the soft road closure points and will be clearly signposted.
  • What will this mean for residents on the A4095?
    Access will be provided for residents living on the A4095 via soft closure points on Vendee Drive, Green Lane and Alchester Road. Regrettably a few residents and businesses west of the hard closure point at the junction of The Hale will have to follow a diversion to reach the village.
  • What is a “chicane”, and what if I have an HGV delivery to my home?
    The “soft road closures” will see a single lane blocked off, and are intended to discourage through-traffic while the road is closed. They will be easily navigable by cars, vans or light goods vehicles. If you are expecting a delivery from a larger goods vehicle, e.g. a new washing machine, then please contact our dedicated community management team via or on 020 4542 7877. They will be able to liaise with our construction team to make necessary arrangements.
  • You mention highway improvements that will improve safety for residents of Chesterton, what do you mean?
    As part of the planning conditions attached to the construction of Great Wolf Lodge, we are obliged to install a new footpath that will stretch from the junction of the A4095 M40 bridge (connection to public right of way) to The Hale. This will also connect to the redirected public footpath running between our site and Bicester Golf Hotel and Spa. This will provide for a safer walk between the centre of the village and the two hotels and leisure facilities and provide a connection to the public right of way to the west of the M40 bridge. The path will be wide enough for a shared cycleway between the resort and village. Future works will see a pavement installed from the golf course entrance to the edge of The Hale on Green Lane.


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